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TASC has a simple mission:   To help families affected by cancer



Who We Help


Our primary goal is to help families who have been adversely affected by cancer.  This means providing financial assistance to ease the burden of expenses not covered by traditional insurance.  Many families affected by cancer incur the loss of income or simply become overwhelmed by everyday expenses.  TASC is in the unique position to provide financial relief to such families via grants.  As an all-volunteer organization, nearly every penny we raise goes directly to benefit families and other organizations fighting cancer.



Examples of assistance include: Mortgage and rent payments; car and travel expenses; utility payments; medical and hospital co-payments; insurance premiums, etc.

NOTE: Since we are a small, all-volunteer organization, we do have limited funds that we are able to grant.  Because of this, we are currently focusing our giving efforts in and around the states of New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT).


How our process works


Those seeking assistance must first fill out the appropriate application and submit it to TASC.  After we receive the application, a liaison from our Beneficiary Committee is responsible for the initial review of the application and will act as a point of contact.  The Beneficiary Committee reviews every application and, depending on the liaison's feedback, will make recommendations as to the approval of funding.  All applicants will receive timely notification from TASC.


Our Place in the Charitable Community


We donate to and foster relationships with other cancer-related charities including:

  • Andrew's Helpful Hands (MA)

  • Angel's Hope (MA)

  • Childhood Cancer Lifeline of New Hampshire (NH)

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (MA)

  • Partners in Health (NH)

  • Pediatric Oncology Associates / Yale Cancer Center (CT)

  • Why Me? and Sherry's House (MA)

Click on the links below to learn more about the various categories of people we assist and about Memorial Funds and Honorarium Funds.

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