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About Betty


Betty Smyth was an active mother of 5 who lived in Burlington, MA.  Her favorite things were cooking, wine, tennis (playing and watching), playing cards and cracking a joke on you when she got the chance.  She had worked as a nurse in her twenties and thirties and became a full-time mom in 1975. She was a lynchpin for her extended family and ran the annual family picnic every August for 50-70 people.  There was also the annual family open house on christmas day with some 40-50 people.  She loved being with people, and especially enjoyed being a hostess.  The family would gather for her cooking around the holidays, for her sense of humor and for her spirit.


One of her husband’s requests when they got married was dessert every night.  So... she made herself into a gourmet cook! Some of her favorite dishes were her special desserts, which included easter lily at Easter, dacquais at Christmas, Boston crème pie for birthdays and ice box cookies.  There was always a new dish on a regular basis, and her first attempt at a recipe always seemed to look like the picture from the magazine!  She also had a passion for playing games (esp. trivial pursuit); would have conversations with her kids friends when they called on the phone; could tell a good clean joke; and truly loved life.  She loved rooting for the Dallas Cowboys (her favorite non-Patriots team) and the rest of her family rooted against her!


She had just re-established herself as an electronic gourmet cookware demonstrator when it was found that she had breast cancer in August of 1987. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation and lost her hair... But it didn't ruin her spirit!  Almost a year later (June 1988), she was declared cancer free.  But, she started to feel very ill just 3 weeks later... The malignancy had apparently spread rather quickly into her liver and her lungs.  She went back to the hospital... and passed away just 4 days later.


Betty brought people together with her food, her charming humor and her good-natured fun.  The TASC softball tournament was founded upon the same premises.  We try and bring people together to play a game, spend the day, have some food - and enjoy each other's company.  Our primary purpose is to generate funds to help families who are fighting the same disease that took Betty from us.  If we can have a great time while we do it, then we are truly honoring Betty's spirit!


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